Sooo My Bras Don't Fit

Bra Fitting

Take a step back in time and visit your 5 year old self. Imagine you are made out of Play Doh (kinda crazy but relevant). As life events happen your weight fluctuates. Stress, happiness, anxiety, euphoria, anger; really, any emotion, can contribute to a change in your physical body. When you wear the right fitting clothes you will feel like a queen, no matter your size. Where the magic happens is in how you choose to dress your body.Your new found confidence, smile and disposition will have you turning heads.

Here is my advice: You have to, have to, have to get measured for a bra. It can be awkward at first. Get past someone seeing you without a shirt on and know that you are going to look and feel amazing. Trust me, when I was younger, I was so shy I could barely order a refill of Mr. Pibb at a McDonalds. Now, thanks to my parents and 18 years of dance class, I've blossomed into this fun loving lady who doles out unsolicited undergarment advice. I wouldn't have it any other way. It's time to get comfortable in your own skin! 

Tips on Getting Measured: 

  1. Find a reliable and certified bra fitter. So important!

  2. Wear your best fitting bra: Yes you do need to wear a bra when getting measured, and it should be one that you feel fits you well. Statistics indicate that close to 80% of you are wearing the wrong size ;-) But seriously, dig out that go to bra, and get your booty into the bra store.

  3. Embrace the Results: Upon getting measured you will likely be informed you are a size that you never dreamed of being. Try the size your fitter recommends, and if that feels too tight, go up in the band and down in the cup size, aka the sister size, to ease into that tighter, better fitting bra.

  4. Buy Some Good Solid Foundational Lingerie Pieces. It's okay to splurge! I swear, if you get 2-3 really nice bras versus a boat load of cheap cute ones, you will be grateful. Go ahead and treat yourself.

Enough preaching! I genuinely want to help you to wear lingerie that makes you feel good and confident. That feeling will resonate and reflect outward. Hopefully I can be of assistance in answering any questions you may have.