Where it All Began

We all have that one thing that makes us inexplicably happy. For me, that one thing is lingerie. When people ask why, I automatically go into an elevator pitch about my past life in retail lingerie sales to either prevent or debunk their assumptions. That pitch sounds a little something like this...

My first job in high school was at a Leggs Hanes Bali bra store in an outlet mall. Moving into my college years, I continued helping young ladies with their lingerie needs at the always adorable Aerie, eventually rounding out my experience in intimate apparel at the luxury retailer Bloomingdales. I've been bra fitting for years and I’ve dealt with all types of scenarios, from mastectomies to silicone.

Purchasing lingerie or a bra is such a personal experience and, as certified bra fitter, I’m privileged to help women on their journey to find products that make them feel good about themselves. Throughout my retail career, it was gratifying to see my customers light up when I matched them with the right fit and style.

That’s why I enjoy this industry, and how I want to help you all. I want to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to find lingerie products that make you look and feel good. Emphasis on YOU! The most important thing to keep in mind is that these products are for no one else but you. That's right, not your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or anyone else.... just you. For some it can be a hard concept to grasp but when you think about it you are the one wearing it, living in it and moving in it so your comfort and confidence are of utmost importance.

Fit is unique to each woman, and it’s the main focus of finding a bra, undies, or shapewear. However, it is often not addressed with each woman and body type in mind. Worse, it’s sometimes inaccurately addressed, leaving you confused or questioning your choices. I’m here to educate you on sizing best practices and to explain all the options out there to help you build up your foundational wardrobe. Please note, I’m not affiliated with any brand so I am going to give it to you straight.

Let’s instill a new found confidence in your bra and undie selections!

Steph Chike