The Little Bra Company: Bras Made Especially for Petites

There are several bra companies out there that cater to women with large cup sizes. Women on the other end of the spectrum often feel forgotten about. I’m referring to women who have smaller frames and cup sizes that no longer want to be shopping in the tween’s section.They too are challenged when being able to find attractive well-fitting lingerie. Emily Lau, the owner and founder of The Little Bra Company (TLBC)and a petite woman herself, created a line of intimate apparel that tends specifically to ladies with this need. She aimed to design a bra line that could provide curves to an otherwise un-curvy silhouette.

    Many women that are not as busty find themselves in a strange spot in terms of finding lingerie that compliments their petite body type. While bralettes can provide a nice solution, many want a comfortable option that provides a bit of cleavage and hugs their breasts in the right spot. To directly address these needs, the team at TLBC  incorporates thoughtful design elements that provide options for both wider-set and closer-set petite women such as mesh slings, removable padding, and multi way straps.

Does Petite Mean Short?

   No, petite does not necessarily mean short in this case. There are plenty of taller women whose body types are of petite proportion meaning that they have a smaller rib cage and/or bust frame. To better outline here are the sizes that TLBC provides:

  • 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 A
  • 28, 30, 32, 34, 36 B
  • 28, 30, 32, 34, C

I would recommend following their measuring guidelines before purchasing as their sizing is unique to their brand. They've created a fit calculator that will guide you through the necessary measurements to ensure correct fit of their products.

Have You Tested Them Out?

Yvonne Bra, Source:  The Little Bra Company

Yvonne Bra, Source: The Little Bra Company

    TLBC provided me with some products that I was able to try out with my clients to get feedback and critique on since I do not fit into them myself.  I matched two of my clients with this brand as they have shared with me their struggles of being able to find lingerie that truly fits their body type, both being of a more athletic build.

When fitting these ladies I paid close attention to the fit guidelines provided by the brand. This is something to be aware of across the board. Just because you measure at a certain size does not mean that will translate into a specific brand's sizing. In this case, both of my clients measured in at 30C according to regular fit standards. When I compared the bust and band measurements that I had taken down for each I found that for TLBC sizing they would be 32Cs. Your initial measurements are just a starting point and ballpark. A brand’s sizing standards combined with the style of bra will determine what size is a match for you in that brand and in that bra at that moment. A few factors that commonly contribute to your bra size fluctuating are style of bra, time of the month, and body weight. Make sure to take these things into consideration to ensure proper sizing.

My clients had the opportunity to try out a few different styles:

GloriaA wire-free push up bra with mesh panels

Lucia: A deep plunge underwire bra with lace overlay and convertible straps

Yvonne: A demi cup contour bra with underwire, convertible straps and molded cups

Catherine: An underwire contoured push-up bra with removable push up pads

Lucia Bra

My first client loved the Lucia and wants it in every color. (No wonder its their best selling bra! Make sure to check out the chemises with the Lucia built in)This bra has a good balance of sex appeal and function. Specifically she felt that the size was much more comfortable than what she was used to, and at the end of the day she was not dying to get it off. On top of that she stated that “My breasts look amazing and I actually have cleavage for once!” I am sure that many of my lesser busty ladies can relate to that feeling. She also tried out the Gloria finding the mesh panels to help create a generous amount of cleavage as well. This feature helps push the breast tissue to center bringing some balance to those women who might be a bit more wide set.

The Catherine Bra, Source:  The Little Bra Company

The Catherine Bra, Source: The Little Bra Company

My other client also had a positive experience with TLBC  exclaiming , “The bras are adorable and make my boobs look great!” The Yvonne was a solid t-shirt bra and everyday bra option. She loved wideness of band in comparison to what she was used to. The Catherine had some serious va-va-voom, almost a bit too much for her. However, the cup size overall was a bit big on her. When measuring for sizing if you are smaller busted make sure to be wearing a lightly lined style so that your measurements are as accurate as possible. If you tend to commonly wear push up bras, pull out a bralette or your least padded bra so your cup size can be as accurate as possible.

Final Verdict

Two thumbs up! For my clients with petite body types TLBC offers a variety of styles, silhouettes and colors. I like how their site has specific sections for close set (breasts set closer together, less than 3 fingers apart) and wide set (breasts gravitate closer to your sides, more than 3 fingers separates them from each other) as these are common fit challenges. The slogan of “make the most of what you’ve got” perfectly explains how they approach their designs. The clever features in their bra come from a place of expertise mixed with experience. They focus on outfitting the petite women’s whole lingerie drawer by offering sports bras, strapless bras and everything in between (including some adorable matching undies).