Swimsuit Solutions for Big Busts

D Cup Swim Tops

We all get excited for warm weather, sunshine, and getting our tan on. However, finding the perfect swimsuit to enjoy lounging by the pool can be tricky business when you are a D+ cup. Luckily many brands are realizing this dilemma and are coming out with a variety of options for those well endowed ladies to look cute and feel supported.

Most of the major retailers are still carrying the wimpy triangle tops that only range from small to large or suits that are fashion forward but not practical. Many of the options at specialty stores end up looking like water proof bras.

As the average cup size increases, cup-sized swimsuits are a necessity. I’ll help to debunk and solve some of the common swimsuit fit issues giving a shout out to the brands that are doing it right by providing cost effective and functional options so that you can have fun in the sun without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.

Triangle Tops Don’t Offer Enough Support

Most women’s chest don’t fit into the category of S/M/L very easily. For that very reason brands started creating swimsuits that are offered in cup size ranges. If you are unable to find that all hope is not lost. There are still some more supportive options out there that could be a viable option if at a mall or site that doesn’t offer bikini tops according to your bra size.

Source:  Figleaves

Source: Figleaves


  • Halter Style Tops: This style tends to have a wider band and more sturdy straps which offers support and in some cases allows you to adjust as needed.

  • Tie Back Suits: Unlike most conventional clasps this style allows you to loosen or tighten as needed to whats comfortable and the level of support needed.

  • Adjustable Straps: Straps that can be adjusted will provide some added lift balancing out the cup and band of the top.

  • Bustier/Longline: The band of a bustier top extends down a bit further so it helps keep your bust in place and is more likely to have some kind of molded cup.




Bandeau Tops Won’t Stay in Place

Similar to a strapless bandeau tops can be a challenging fit but we all love them because they are ideal for laying out. These tops have come a long way to help better cater to ladies of all shapes and sizes as they are now incorporating features such as underwire, molded cups, gripped sides, and more heavy duty straps. You may have to try on and try out quite a few of these before finding the perfect fit but it's well worth the trial and error.


  • Bustier/Longline: Again this style will provide some added support with the shelf like band, plus its a cute retro look.

  • Gel Lined Edges: The extra grippy edge around the top and bottom of the band holds the top in place by sticking a bit better to your skin, some nice added security.

  • Underwire: Many brands have started incorporating underwire into their swim tops to give the same support your bra would. The sizing may be a bit different depending on the clasp or tie back but this is a great supportive option.






Tie Tops Are Flimsy

With a string bikini those wimpy straps will be in a constant battle with your ta-tas. There are better alternatives than trying to wear something that wasn’t designed with your body type in mind. Thankfully, there are more alternatives that are as attractive as they are supportive.


  • Multiway Straps: This way you have control to be able to wear your swim top as a halter, criss cross for maximum support.

  • Wide Straps: Thicker straps help to distribute the weight gripping better on your shoulders so you don’t have to worry about something becoming untied.

  • Side Support: Look for swimsuit tops where the straps start at the outter edge of the cup much like a t-shirt bra complete with wider side wings. This prevents spillage and gives added support.



Shop the Sites

Now that you know what the basics are to look below is a list to a few shops that carry swimsuits that cater to to chestier chicas. If you haven’t found a suit you love yet, these websites should help: