Styling Bodysuits for Halloween & Beyond

Penelope Bodysuit

Trying to pull together a last minute Halloween costume? Naturally, I recommend taking a look in your lingerie drawer to find something you can repurpose into a sassy or silly little outfit for the night. I like using what I have or buying something that I can wear again later. That being said a great multipurpose piece for any wardrobe is a bodysuit. They can be used in a variety of wardrobe situations from costumey nightwear to practical daywear. Just add a few accessories and voilà! Instant costume.

Felina Lingerie has an assortment of affordable and good quality selection of bodysuits to choose from. They sent me their Penelope Lace & Mesh bodysuit to test out so I could provide you with some fun and easy Halloween costume options.






The Penelope Bodysuit Features

Source:  Felina

Source: Felina

Before I provide you with some costume options I wanted to cover the features that the lovely Penelope bodysuit has. Upon receiving it I was a little surprised that the front is somewhat see through. Once I put it on it I came to find that it only shows a silhouette of your underbust. If you are more modest you may want to consider using a backless bra option such as the Nubra so you can still show off the back cut out. There are darts at the chest portion as well to ensure a snug fit to your bust.

I found the cut out back to be super elegant and comfortable. The bodysuit has a button closure at the top of the neck which has a bit of elastic built in for easy closure. Though there are no snaps in the gusset (crotch) the button closure makes it easy to take on and off.

The lace fabric used has a bit of elastic so it is extremely flattering, complete with eyelash lace at the top edge. The pattern and color would be easy to mix and match with outfits in the future as well. (FYI it also comes in a spicy tango red color or an electric white)

It has a brazilian cut bottom which means it doesn’t fully cover your bum. However, because it is made with elastic construction throughout panty lines are minimal to nonexistent, always a plus!

Costume Ideas

Like I said before, I love being able repurpose fashion items when possible so I planned out a few outfits that allow me to reuse things later:

Black Swan

We’ve all seen Black Swan with Natalie Portman which is where I got my inspiration for this look. Its relatively easy and if you nail the makeup could be a real show stopper. Throw a tutu on over the bodysuit and accessorize.

Pair with: black tutu, tights, ballet flats, tiara, heavy eye makeup

Source:  Asos

Source: Asos


This bodysuit has 30’s written all over it. You could pair with a tight black skirt you have or grab a string skirt. Add on some jewelry and a headpiece to pull things together.

Pair with: Tight skirt, feather, headband, pearls


Now this may be a bit of a stretch but this bodysuit could make your zombie look next level chic. Since the bottom is a bit sheer wearing a ripped skirt and making yourself look like you were murdered at a fancy dinner party could be entertaining.

Pair with: Makeup, fake blood, ripped skirt or pants, tights

Playboy Bunny

Perhaps a bit obvious but a fun option. Layering with tan and fishnets will polish this look up. May not be something you would feel comfortable going out in but could be nice for after hours.

Pair with: Bunny ears and tail, fishnet stockings

Wearing Bodysuits in Your Everyday Wardrobe

Perhaps you are wondering just how to incorporate this into a non-costume outfit. If you put this bodysuit under a cardigan you might be able to get away with wearing it to the office. I would reuse this sassy number going out, whether that is out to dinner, a date, or a concert. The cut out back is a feature that should be emphasized. Pairing with some black skinny jeans or a red tight skirt would be great options. Bodysuits help create a sleek line under tight clothing as there is no extra fabric that needs to be tucked in. Play around with different options to see what best matches your style.  There are several bodysuit options on Felina's site that appeal to women of all shapes, sizes, and style preferences. Make sure to check them out