Strapless Bras 101

Strapless Bra

With warm weather, wedding season, and crazy necklines abound we are all on the lookout for the perfect strapless. Many of us have had memorable experiences from the past that cause us to avoid strapless bras indefinitely. We have all had that night spent hiking our bras back up to where it was supposed to be. Well I have some good news for you…strapless bras are not the devil. There are some really amazing ones out there that you might want to wear even when your outfit choice doesn’t require it. *Gasp!* I’ll break down the various points of fit that you should pay attention to when strapless shopping as well as share a few that I highly recommend.

Fit Points for the Perfect Strapless 

Band Size

When shopping for a strapless bra the band size is THE most important to ensure that your bra won’t slip. Try on the size above and below what you think you should be at so you can gauge just how tight the band is. You want it to be as tight as is comfortable to help keep your band where it should be all day and night long. Both the band size and cup size could differ from what you normally wear due to the style of the bra so be mindful of that. A good rule of thumb is to go down in the band size and up in the cup to ensure the tightest fit possible. Bands naturally stretch out over time so even if it feels a bit tight its better to be safe than sorry.

Silicone or Adhesive

For most strapless bras these days this is a standard to help the bra stick to your skin. If you aren’t familiar look for a gel or silicone strip that lines the edges of the bra or in the case of a backless strapless the adhesive will line the cup. Also avoid lotion, oils, or creams on your chest and mid back area the day of wear as that will contribute to unnecessary slippage. If its too late just throw on some powder around your bra area so the gel can have something to grip onto.

Band Width

Choose a band width that compliments your figure and cup size. If you are fuller chested a wider band, longline, or bustier option will offer more support. A longline or bustier option can help slim your waist while providing a bit of additional push up. If you are smaller chested consider adhesive options or thin bands depending on the type of outfit will be wearing your bra with.

Cup Size/Sizing In General

Strapless bras are extremely important to try on because they fit differently than your normal everyday bra. You may be a 34C regularly but in a strapless your sister size of 32D fits better. If your breasts are lopsided don’t hesitate to throw an insert into the cup to balance them out.


Recommended Strapless Bras

Here is a list of a few styles to try out that I have separated by body type or special feature.

Source:  Le Mystere

Full Figure:

Le Mystere Soiree Strapless

Complete with gel lined edges, a wider back band, and fuller cups this is a great option for full busted or more full figured women. I have owned this myself and have to say it is one of the most comfortable strapless bras out there. I even found myself wearing it with t-shirts.

Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless

This is a great bra for outfits with more of a plunging neckline. It is very supportive and also comes with straps so you have the option to convert it into a halter, criss cross or one shoulder bra.

Felina Long Line Push Up

This long line bra offers support while acting as a push up. The satin finish offers a smooth look under clothes. Don’t shy away from trying out lace or unlined options as an alternative.


Smaller bust:


With a low plunge front this bra is ideal for lower cut necklines. This strapless is silicone free.  To ensure the band stays in place this particular style is quite tight in the band, so tight the vendor reccommends sizing up for comfort.

Simone Perele Celeste Strapless

I love the lace detail on this bra and also the zig zag silicone lined gel band. The band size is available in 30-40 so it covers a wide spectrum. Having a smaller ribcage myself I find the 30 band in this extremely comfortable.

Backless Option:

NuBra by Fashion Forms

The adhesive cups and sides stick directly onto your chest. Make sure to avoid putting lotion on in this area as that will prevent the adhesive from being able to properly stick. You can reuse by washing with soap and water, then setting out to dry. This resets the stickiness so that you can get a few wears out if it. I only recommend this type of bra for those who are C cups or smaller as there is minimal support or coverage.


Now get out there, try a few of these lovlies on and expand your wardrobe with confidence! The right strapless will make you feel invincible in terms the types of outfits you are now able to wear. My one word of caution is to be realistic and go for the option that best suits your chest and body type. Your outfits will look better and you will feel better!

Steph Chike