Silent Arrow: From Street Wear to Maternity Wear

Silent Arrow Rock Bra

Searching for a lingerie brand that has edge and attitude while still being wearable? Silent Arrow definitely fits the bill. Inspired by 90s streetwear and women empowerment founder Kelly Barrett and senior designer Carly Sterling wanted to create a lingerie line that is as comfortable as it is bold. Their strappy, all black collection of bras and undies are created for “women who are unafraid to be seen”. The designs are fashion forward with an emphasis on an even larger message. Kelly wanted to explore why it is that women feel the need to edit themselves down. Silent Arrow became her passion project and platform to make a statement of truly being yourself.

The pieces in their collection add visual interest to your everyday white t-shirt without much effort. Incorporating their lingerie into your wardrobe can amp things up without compromising comfort. The designs offer support and shape as well as some spice. Coming from a lingerie background, Kelly understands the importance of balancing fashion and function. Silent Arrow uses a mixture of fabrics including microfiber and mesh to ensure that you will feel as good as you look. They use a thin foam that forms to your body so as to keep the shape natural with a variety of strap widths.

Source:  Silent Arrow

Source: Silent Arrow

Giving Back Through Philanthropy

Another amazing aspect of this brand is the Silent Arrow + You Program. For every item purchased on their website a pair of black cotton undies is donated to a woman in need. Each of these cotton undies has an important message printed inside, “You are loved.” When I learned this I was deeply moved as I think it is so important for women to lift one another up.  Through purchasing their products you are doing just that; both helping women entrepreneurs live out their dream while giving back to those in need. Thousands of pairs have been donated since the start of their company.


Source:  Silent Arrow

Source: Silent Arrow

The Perfect Maternity Bra

Upon meeting Kelly and Carly at the CurveNY show I was able to experience their collection in person. It was hard to pick a favorite but a piece that stood out to me in particular was the Warrior Mama Maternity bra. The look and features were so unique and memorable. Kelly, being a mother of 3, designed the ultimate maternity bra thinking of all the features a mom to be would find important.

They graciously sent me a sample that one of my clients tried out to see if it would get the legit mama stamp of approval. She is currently 31 weeks pregnant but with this being baby number 2 she knows what to look for in a nursing bra. While she doesn’t need to use it for nursing purposes quite yet she tried it out and found it to be better than other nursing bras she has owned for several reasons:

  • No wire. Other nursing bras she’s had have had wires and after a little while of use, they become misshaped and uncomfortable. Therefore they aren’t worn. This bra has a very comfy band and can accommodate a variety of sizes - from having a belly to after the baby.

  • Style. This bra is MUCH cuter and more stylish than other nursing bras she has seen. In a time when most clothes and undergarments are only considered for comfort and coverage, it felt great to have something on that looks sexy and modern. Other wireless nursing bras can be flimsy and feel very old-ladyish.

  • Magnets. Although she hasn’t tried it out with the hourly use yet that she will with a newborn, she really likes the magnetic clips rather than the plastic hooks. It looks better, is easier to operate and will likely stay in place.

Source:  Silent Arrow

Source: Silent Arrow

Overall she said that it fit more like a sports bra. While she might not be wearing it to work now she thinks that once she has the baby and starts nursing 24/7, having to pump several times a day, that this will be her “go-to” bra. The straps are a bit thicker than what she usually wears but the wider straps feel comfortable and secure.  It also works great with nursing pads which is an absolute must for the first few weeks postpartum. She looks forward to having a stylish, sexy, well-fitting, cozy nursing bra to wear when other aspects of life are not quite as glamorous. Look for a follow up check in article once baby is born to see how functional it is while in use.

Silent Arrow Packaging

New Sizing and Products for Rad Girls

I had to include that Silent Arrow recently announced custom sizing. I’m super pumped about this because I can test out their product in my true size( 30DD/8DD) rather than my sister size. Their size range now starts at a 28 band going up to 38, ranging from B-DD in the cup. Not only do they have bras, bralettes, and undies but they now carry swimwear, and even a few accessories such as this super rad sequined jacket. Their prices are extremely reasonable and packaging is beyond adorable. I highly recommend treating yourself to a little treasure from their collection.  

Steph Chike