New Beginnings

Turn the page

Spring is the time for rebirth, new beginnings, and all that jazz. Not sure about you but this year has been full of new beginnings for me. Before I get into the deets of what’s been going on I wanted to share a poem I wrote a little over a year ago at this time which is appropriately titled “New Beginnings”:
Turn the page, light the match. 
Each second passing is the chance for something to begin again.
Accept and embrace time.
Change is an evolution wrapped up in a new beginning.
Recognize progress and be understanding of what’s to come.
All with grace and humility.

My Saturn Returns

I thought you all might want to know more about me rather than just lingerie so I wanted share what’s transpired these past few months in hopes you can relate. Not to get all woo woo, but according to astrology January 2018 was the start of my Saturn Returns, and let me tell you… things got real. To briefly explain what the heck that is, in astrology Saturn is the planet of order. Every 27-29 years or so Saturn “returns” to the same position it was at the time of your birth.  If things aren’t in order with your highest good, Saturn will disrupt the heck out of your life. Don’t worry….it’s just a little (or big) nudge to help get you to where you are meant to be.

So for me, that meant all areas of my life got turned upside down: job, love life, friendships. You name it, Saturn was like “nu-uh, no good.” Now as I’ve talked about before we all have decisions when turbulent things happen in our lives. We can choose to pity ourselves and retreat or we can use it as fuel to move forward. I chose to reflect on the past in hopes to better align my future.

How to Deal When Times Get Tough

It definitely isn’t easy when life hands you lemons but it gets better. To be able to get through those trying times I had to develop some serious coping skills. Through lots of trial and error I found a few things that worked for me which hopefully help you out as well.

Guided Meditation:


I’ve been meditating since last June to help quiet my mind a bit. Silent meditating was too difficult for me because it let my mind wander. An intuitive healer and friend of mine, Jill Pape Lemke, has a Facebook group where she leads daily guided meditations. I found this helpful as it guides you through a scenario with a pick your own adventure type of feel. For those not used to meditating this is a perfect way to get started.


This goes hand in hand with meditating for me as I journal during mediation to keep myself awake. Sounds funny but if I get too relaxed I just pass out sleeping so I’ve found that journaling a bit during meditation keeps my mind a little more active. It also allows me to remember more so that I can investigate what I saw. Just journaling in general is great though, a good way to clear the mind of all that clutter.

Working Out:

The gym is a welcome escape for many. Physical activity of any kind is good in difficult times because you get to see some results and focus on something other than your challenges. I’ve become a bit of a yogi over the past year or so as well. I like it because its a double whammy;both a mental and physical workout. Find a type of exercise you look forward to doing, that’s half the battle.

Explore New Hobbies:

We all have heard the saying “if you keep doing what you always did then you’ll get what you always got”. Pushing yourself to learn something new or getting into something you’ve always been curious about is a creative way to pull yourself out of a funk.

Stay Social:

As much as you don’t want to when you are dealing with lots of change it’s important to stay connected to others. It helps to elevate your mood and distract you from your own situation. I’m not saying you need to be overly social but some human interaction is always good.

Be Silly:

Take a breath and laugh at something or make a joke. When we take ourselves to seriously we end up missing out on some of the best parts of life. It’s alright to let loose.

Relaxing Into the Moment

I’m by no means an expert but I am also no stranger to adversity. Above are some things that have worked for me but I encourage you to find what brings you back into balance. Rather than getting stressed out that things aren’t perfect or that you aren’t where you had hoped you would be just relax into the moment and trust that God, the Universe or whatever it is you believe in has a plan for you. You got this!