Lingerie Company Feature: Uwila Warrior

Lisa Muellen

Comfy bras should be accompanied by even comfier knickers, and those are often hard to come by. I discovered Uwila Warrior via Instagram and was curious to learn what makes this underwear brand special. CEO and founder, Lisa Mullan, is focused on providing a product where women empowerment and function meet. This is her story. She set out to create the best “everyday” undie. In terms of underwear shopping, many women find themselves shopping for fun over comfort. Lisa thought, “Why not wear underwear that has it all?” While working at the Director of Investor Relations at HubSpot by day, she knew that the help from someone in the fashion industry would be key in turning her dream into a reality. She partnered with a college friend who had experience with Marc Jacobs, and together they created an unapologetic, colorful, beautiful, bold and comfortable underwear line that is made to fit every moment of a woman's life.  

The Name

When naming the company, Lisa thought about the characteristics of the women that she has admired most. Those same traits are apparent in the owl which is where the first part of the company name comes from. Uwila is the German word for owl. Pair this up with the fact that these women are tough and hardworking warrior’s and the company name Uwila Warrior was born.


The Products

Lisa set out to create the perfect panty after feeling there was a void in the lingerie market of comfortable and beautiful underwear that could be worn for all occasions. She envisioned this to be a comfortable, wedgie free, seamless, tagless undie that fits like boyshort and cheeky panty combined. As of right now the soft silks collection is made of 100% organic silk with a scalloped lace trim that comes in bold colors with sassy sayings that are perfect for whatever mood you find yourself in. The silk used is hypoallergenic, breathable, and has natural elasticity which means that these underwear will hug your curves without stretching out over time.

The other Happy Seams collection includes glow in the dark and xoxo featurettes. These panties are meant to have a seamless appearance that you can be comfortable wearing under anything. The fabric used for these are an 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane hi tech blended fabric that is said to be softer than silk. These are perfect for tight fitting dresses, skirts or pants where invisible panty lines are a must. They come in playful colors (even glow in the dark!).

With the desire for women to feel empowered and comfortable all of the time, all of the underwear are designed to be worn while taking on anything, anywhere;: from board room to mini van, office to date night, and  workout to hangout.

The Price Point

The Uwila Warrior panties range from $42-$62 a pair. While these are a bit more of an investment than your regular undies the quality is what sets them apart. I know many of you might be a bit sticker shocked but if you splurge on a pair or two you won’t regret it. The higher quality fabric will decrease the need for replacement as long as you properly wash and care for them.

The Message

As a strong supporter of women’s rights and empowerment, Lisa shared some inspirational insights that are fuel for her success in both life and business. “Something important and close to my heart is the topic of Women’s rights – and how we have not come as far as I’d hoped. We still need to bridge the gap, and I think to start women need to continue to support and promote other women and themselves, and men need to continue to support and promote women. If we all support and help each other we can take on anything. “  As a lady entrepreneur myself I couldn’t agree more in that we need to build one another up; body, mind and soul.  If we continue on this path we can accomplish great things.

The Future

The number one promise of the Uwila Warrior brand is comfort. They don’t envision themselves to be expanding into thongs or anything outside of underwear that their customer would wear every day. However, they do plan to expand into other categories, such as bralettes, when the time is right. A little sneak peak from instagram has me thinking this could be sooner rather than later.

Be on the lookout for more bold colors, cheeky sayings and additional collections that will help you feel ready to take on the world, starting with what’s underneath.

XoXo Steph Chike