How to Wash Your Lingerie

Washing Machine and Lingerie

Special washing instructions for your delicates are just suggestions, right? Wrong. Let’s face it we have all been guilty of tossing our bras and panties in with our weekly loads of laundry with fingers crossed that nothing gets damaged in the process. This could end up being a costly “time saver”. Properly caring for your lingerie doesn’t have to be daunting. With a few simple adjustments you can extend the life of your favorite bras and panties significantly.


Best Practices for Proper Lingerie Care

Hand Wash Your Bras:

Setting aside a few extra minutes each week to hand wash your bras will help prevent the elastic and spandex from breaking down. Make sure to use a lingerie detergent or a more gentle general detergent as the harsh chemicals in some can harm the delicate fabric. The actual “hand washing” portion is minimal, only really 5 minutes of labor. Below are the basic instructions: 

Delicate Cycle
  • Separate similar colors as you would with your regular wash
  • Rub out any stains using your gentle detergent and water
  • Soak 10-15 minutes in the sink and gently work the suds through the fabric, then rinse
  • Blot out excess water by folding your lingerie in a towel and patting
  • Never put your bras in the dryer, the intense heat can make bras fall apart sooner than intended and also deform underwires


Use a Lingerie Bag:

If you do end up using the washing machine make sure to put your unmentionables into a lingerie bag to keep them safe. Make sure to set your washer to cold water on the gentle cycle. For your bras, make sure the hooks are fastened to prevent snags. Lay your bras flat to dry, same goes for panties as well. This ensures that the heat isn’t compromising the integrity of the elastic and spandex.

Lingerie Wash Bag


Here are a few I'd recommend: 





This is THE most important thing to note: NEVER EVER put your bra in the dryer. Always lay them flat to dry or hang them by the center gore (the piece between the cups) rather than by the straps. If you hang by the straps the cups of your bras will get stretched out due to the damp cups being pulled downward. The lingerie bag will help keep all your bras grouped together making finding them and laying them out easy. If you are short on space this handy lingerie drying rack is wonderful — inexpensive too! 


Store Standing up in a Drawer:

Place your bras in a drawer standing up placing them behind one another as if they are spooning. This will help prevent the cups from denting or becoming deformed. Do not fold the cups inside out or into one another. To make bras easier to find you could also consider organizing dark to light. As for panties, laying flat giving them room to breathe is best. That way any embellishments or decorations won’t get damaged. It also makes it easier to file through and find the pair that matches your mood for the day.

Bonus tip:

Try throwing a sachet in your lingerie drawer to add a little extra scent to your bras and undies. One of my favorites is Summer Romance.


Lifetime of Your Lingerie

Following the above care instructions can help to increase how long your undergarments last. This is also dependent on how often you wear said undies. If cared for properly I’d venture to say that a favorite bra can last for about a year, sometimes even longer! If you make an investment in your lingerie make sure to follow through with proper care tactics.

XoXo Steph Chike