How to Pack Your Lingerie With Brakitty

Brakitty Bra Travel Case

If you are anything like me you throw down some serious cash on your unmentionables and don’t want them to suffer any unnecessary casualties. In a prior post I covered how to wash and store your bras and panties, but the question has definitely come up about how best to travel with your lingerie. I’ll share a few of my secrets with you to make sure packing for your next getaway is flawless:

Outfits First, Lingerie Second:

I find that laying out my outfits so I can pair them with the necessary undergarments works best. That way I’m less likely to forget my strapless or laser cut seamless undies if I need them. You can also see where you might be able to consolidate to save space by swapping out multiple bras for a convertible option or being realistic with how many undie options you actually need.  

Bring Nipple Covers & Travel Sized Soap:

If you haven’t invested in a pair of silicone nipple covers you should, truly a life saver when it comes to preventing show through or a last minute solution for a backless top. The lingerie soap may sound a bit goofy but washing your lingerie can help it last longer plus it keeps things fresh.

BraKitty Bra Travel Case

Try Using a Bra Travel Case

Spending $60-$150 on some of my bras incentivizes me to take added precautions in making sure nothing bad happens to them. There are best practices such as not folding cups into one another, stacking bras behind one another, stuffing cups with socks etc. but if you are looking for something fool proof, water resistant, and brilliant I recommend trying out the Brakitty bra travel case. While there are other protective bra travel cases and women travel accessories out there I found this one to be particularly stylish, eco-friendly and affordable.

Why Should I Invest in a Travel Case for my Bras?

You may be skeptical, (if I’m being honest I was a bit at first as well) but the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense. You are basically ensuring that nothing happens to the most delicate articles of clothing you own. If your lotion explodes or that bottle of wine you purchased begins to leak, Brakitty comes to the rescue!  In addition to spill protection this bra travel case helps lengthen the life of your lingerie by protecting the materials from bumps, dents, scratches, and snags. The case is lightweight and comes with luxe pre-washed velvet lining so there is really no added weight but rather just another layer of protection.

While the case is modest in size it does take up a portion of your suitcase, however you can put more than just bras in there. Some other uses to consider while using the Brakitty include:

  • Protecting jewelry

  • Storing undies and bikinis

  • Safe place for chargers

I liked that it was easy to locate my undies instead of having them scattered about. And to be honest, it made me more mindful about what I was packing. I was able to store about 3-4 bras, 4 pairs of underwear and a few jewelry items. I think I might have been able to squeeze in 1 more bra without the undies in there.

The Brakitty travel case has a variety of shapes, patterns and colors to appeal to your style. Pictured at the left is the Vintage Florals Cube case. Take a peek to find one that is a match for you and test it out on your next trip. As is the Brakitty motto “Pack well, Travel well”.


XoXo Steph Chike