How Many Bras Should I Own?

Your undergarments are the building blocks for a polished look. They are just as important to your wardrobe if not more important than the perfect button down or little black dress. An update to your bra wardrobe can build up your confidence, improve your posture, and even help your clothes to fit better. Sounds magical, right?

The best bra wardrobes are built on the “Core Four”: one bra to wear, one to wash, one to rest and one backup. Everyone’s Core Four is unique, and determining yours is easy when you think about:

  • The types of activities you do while wearing a bra

  • Which outfits you wear with a bra

  • How you care for your bras

How long can I keep the same bras?

Just as clothes or shoes don’t last forever, the same is true for bras. Now I know that some of you likely have some bras hanging out in your drawers that have been there for years, don’t panic. It is all dependent on how often you wear them. The typical life of a bra ranges from 12 to 18 months. Factors like material, frequency of wear, and general care (i.e. wash & storage) impact how long you should keep a bra. The elastic of your bra deteriorates over time and will no longer provide the support you need to hug your curves and lift those tatas. So clean out those undie drawers ladies!

The Recommended Bra Wardrobe/ THE CORE FOUR  

To provide you with some guidance on what to keep and what to toss I’m sharing what I consider to be the 4 most important styles of bra to have in your wardrobe:


Source:  Aerie

Source: Aerie

The T-shirt Bra:

Easily the core piece of your wardrobe, this should be your everyday bra that you can pair with majority of your tops and are comfortable wearing for 8+ hours a day. Many people think this needs to be a lightly lined or seamless bra however seamed or cut and sewn bras offer similar support while creating a natural lifted shape. If you are going to double up on a style this would be the one as you will wear it most frequently.

Source:  HerRoom

Source: HerRoom

The Strapless Bra:

This versatile style can be worn with nearly any neckline but is specifically ideal for garments that are strapless, low back, halter, or that have spaghetti straps.  Find one that is comfortable and stays in place. Pictured here is my favorite from Simone Perele. While a tricky fit they are worth the investment.





Source:  Champion

Source: Champion

The Sports Bra:

The impact level of sports bra you buy can be determined by your cup size and level of support you need. Think about the types workouts you participate in and base it off of that. Heavy cardio requires a bit more support than yoga for example.




Source:  Lively

Source: Lively

The Feel Good Bra:

This can be any kind of bra that you like, the only requirement is that you feel good wearing it. Lacey, colorful, basic… whatever makes you feel like the beautiful queen you are.







Take these basic instructions to assess your current bra drawer situation. I don’t want you to walk away thinking that your bra wardrobe should consist of only 4 bras but this is a good starting point to do an overhaul and ensure you have lingerie you love.

Xoxo Steph Chike