12 Common Bra Fitting Problems & Solutions

You and your bras might have a love hate relationship. I’m here to help you work through that. Think of it as a little relationship therapy session with your delicates. I’ve compiled a list of the most common bra fitting issues and how to resolve them so you can remedy what could be going wrong with your own situation.

Fabric Choice Problems:

  • Boob Sweat

Solution: Your bra could have a bit too much padding or a non breathable fabric.. An unlined style will allow your tots to breathe while still providing the structure you need. Another option is a lightly lined or t-shirt bra that provides a bit more structure in a more breathable fabric such as cotton, fabric with wicking technology or a light stretch lace.

  • Headlights

Solution: Are your high beams flashing? Try a lightly lined or contour style bra to conceal those moments where you're unexpectedly nipping out. If you aren’t crazy about the extra padding you can get nipple covers or reusable sticky silicone petals that you can wear with any bra.


Bra Cup Problems:

  • Cup Overflow (aka Double Boobage)

Solution: This is likely a sign that you should go up in the cup size. If you are chestier try full coverage styles that will ensure that your ladies are locked and loaded so you can avoid the dreaded muffin boob.

  • Side Overflow

Solution: If your breasts settle more towards the sides rather than the center a balconette bra could be your best option. It helps to bring the tissue back to center because of how the cups are constructed.

  • Falling Out Bottom of Bra

Solution: Go down in your band size. Majority of the support of your bra comes from the band so it is essential that it is as tight as is comfortable.

  • Uneven or two different sized breasts

Solution: A molded cup bra is a good solution for this but there are a few different options. Always fit your cup to the larger breast when determining the size of a molded cup bra. Another option would be a silicone or padded bra insert/ cookie (no, not the ones you eat). You can place this little wedge on the side that is lacking to help fill out your cup and even things out. Some bras may even have this feature built in, in which case you could remove the padding on the side that is more full.

  • Wrinkled or Gaping Cups

Solution: First try tightening and adjusting your straps. If that doesn’t do the trick a demi cup or balconette bra should work. These types of bras help in situations where you may not be a true cup size. The more shallow cups allows for the tissue to scoop nicely and lift.  

Bra Strap Problems:

  • Straps Digging In

Solution: Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your straps are going to do the heavy lifting. Go down in your band size so that proper support is distributed where it should be. Your shoulders will thank you.

  • Slipping Straps

Solution: Bra bands and bra straps elastic stretches out over time, which is caused by regular wear and washing. It may be time for a replacement but first try tightening the straps. If you still find them drooping you may have narrow set shoulders. A racerback style would be best if you find yourself in that situation. 

Bra Band Problems:

  • Wire Sits on Breast Tissue (Center Gore Away From Chest)

Solution: This is evidence that your bra just isn’t fitting at all. The gore or center part of your bra should rest directly on your breastbone. Your cup could be too small, which holds the gore away from your chest or the band could be too large which also allows the gore to move away from your chest. If you can fit more than 2 fingers between your back and band, go down in your band size. If your cups look too small and you are spilling out go up in your cup size.

  • Band digs into sides (Back Bulge)

Solution: Your band could likely be too small. However, all body types are different. Sometimes all you need is a wider band to smooth over your back and give you the support you need. Either going up a band size or trying some variation of a longline style should help.

  • Rising Back Band

Solution: Your band size is too big. Sizing down will help to keep your band parallel to the floor which is where it should be. This can also happen when you have had a bra for a long time and the band has stretched out. If that’s the case then it might just be time to get a replacement for your favorite.

Hopefully these tips help you be find a better size, fabric, and overall fit for your bras. Yay!  You are now a few baby steps closer to finding the lingerie that you love. If there is something I missed feel free to shoot me a message or comment below.

Steph Chike